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interfilm Festival 32

Wann Was Spielort Karten
Montag, 14.11.
21:00 Opening Night Großes Haus Ausverkauft
Dienstag, 15.11.
19:00 Curators’ Choice
A Handpicked Selection from our Festival Programmers 
Grüner Salon  
21:00 Music Videos
Songs of Sight and Sound 
Grüner Salon kaufen
21:00 China 01 Skyscrapers and Market Stalls Roter Salon kaufen
23:00 Visions & Voyages - A Dive into Sound and Animation Roter Salon kaufen
Mittwoch, 16.11.
10:00 Masterclass: Story Design in Short Fiction Film
Richard Raskin on the art of storytelling 
Grüner Salon  
15:00 Masterclass: Poetry Film
Hubert Sielecki on experimental practice in poetry film 
Grüner Salon  
18:00 Masterclass: Luminous Animations
Juan Pablo Zaramella on creative processes in stop motion animation 
Grüner Salon  
21:00 Quiz Night Grüner Salon kaufen
21:00 Italy 02 Without Warning Roter Salon kaufen
23:00 Nightmares! Roter Salon kaufen
Donnerstag, 17.11.
10:00 Masterclass: VR & Shortfilm
Pierre Zandrowicz on the Challenges of Scriptwriting and Dramaturgy for Virtual Reality 
Grüner Salon  
17:30 Focus on China
Stylistic Explorations and the Art of Depicting Reality 
Grüner Salon  
21:00 Sound & Vision Großes Haus Ausverkauft
21:00 Calling Cards - Shorts to Features Grüner Salon kaufen
21:00 CineMare International Ocean Film Festival Kiel Roter Salon kaufen
23:00 PartyMare Roter Salon kaufen
Freitag, 18.11.
18:00 Young Cuban Shorts Grüner Salon  
21:00 Reality Bites Grüner Salon kaufen
21:00 Arab Shorts Roter Salon kaufen
22:00 Eject Audience Award XIX
The Long Night of Weird Shorts 
Großes Haus Restkarten nach Verfüg- barkeit an der Abendkasse
23:00 Experiments - New Ways in Form and Narrative Grüner Salon kaufen
23:00 Queer Fever Roter Salon kaufen
Samstag, 19.11.
17:30 Focus on Italy
The success of independent Italian animations 
Grüner Salon  
21:00 Italy 01 Animatalia Grüner Salon kaufen
21:00 Be a Better Being Roter Salon kaufen
23:00 Tales of Tomorrow - Science Fiction Shorts Grüner Salon kaufen
23:00 Body Talk Roter Salon kaufen
Sonntag, 20.11.
19:00 Showcase Gdynia Film School in cooperation with Film Festival Cottbus Grüner Salon kaufen
19:00 China 04 Animate Matter Roter Salon kaufen
21:00 Highlights of Zebra Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin Grüner Salon kaufen
21:00 Bike Shorts Roter Salon kaufen